Kwasny '88获得创始人奖
Dr. Mary (Morrissey) Kwasny '88 was honored with the Founder’s Award, the highest award the American Statistical Association bestows for distinguished service. 被考虑获得奖项, nominees must have served the association for an extended time, 和 the individual’s contributions will have had a significant impact on the association beyond the time of her/his incumbency. The award was presented August 8, 2023 at the Joint Statistical Meetings in Toronto, ON.
Coyne '19担任奥黑尔研究员
Delaney Coyne ‘19 (Boston College '23) is currently working at the Jesuit's America Media in New York City. She is just one of three “O’Hare Fellows” who are having the opportunity to work in Catholic journalism for the next year. She's seen here with former Saint Ignatius school President, Fr. 布莱恩·保尔森,S.J., who is a Board member at America Media. www.americamagazine.org.
wasa '14赢得金牌拖车
Carley Washa '14 was recently awarded a Golden Trailer Award for her creative marketing achievements on Apple’s Emmy-winning show, “泰德套索.” She is a producer at Apple TV+ 和 has helped bring trailers to life for many shows 和 films like 泰德套索, 萎缩赛琳娜·戈麦斯:我的思想和我.
A message to today's students: The 朋友hips you make now at 1076 West Roosevelt will last a lifetime. 电子游戏平台大全自己的父亲. Patrick Mugisho, S.J. offers up proof of that with a group of men who meet every third Thursday at a restaurant in suburban Burr Ridge. Fr. Mugisho says he's had the pleasure of befriending them 和 joining them as an honorary club member for good food 和 good conversation. They call themselves the Iggy Men '60 Club because they're from the 圣依纳爵学院预科 Class of 1960. When they walked the halls here, things were different. They talk about the "Yard," the rear staircase 和 the electric-powered overhead rail bus. But what hasn't changed is the commitment by faculty 和 staff to provide a formative experience for students through a Jesuit, 天主教教育. That education is how the Iggy Men met 和 how they became 朋友 all those years ago. Jim McLaughlin '60 wrote, "It was a shared camaraderie." He also had a message for today's Wolfpack: "The 'Iggy Men '60 Club' wish you the same great experiences for your exciting days at Saint Ignatius." A shout-out now to longtime Club members Marty, Kass, Mike, Ed, Frank, Steve 和 Jim. May you continue to have fun making new memories together while you reminisce about those Ignatius days!
Jack Duffy '23 recently had his essay, "Str和ed in an Inl和 Sea," published by Teen Ink. 达菲23岁时写了一篇论文. Turkowski's Creative Writing class during his senior year at Ignatius 和 his dedication to the writing process paid off. 点击这里 阅读文章.
Joseph Roy '98 recently graduated from the FBI National Academy in Quantico, VA. Roy's '98 father, Eugene Roy, is the Retired Chief of Detectives for the City of Chicago.
1963届~ 60届同学会.07.23
The Class of 1963 is having a 60th Reunion on Saturday, 10月ober 7. They are also welcome to help cheer on the Wolfpack at the Varsity Football game on Friday, 10月6日 at 7:30pm as the Wolfpack take on Marian Catholic on Fornelli '51 Field. Tours will be available the day of the reunion. 点击此处注册.
校友 & 纽约之友10.11.23
请加入其他校友 & Friends in New York City on Wednesday, 10月ober 11 at the New York Athletic Club. 点击此处注册.
校友 & 在华盛顿10区的朋友.12.23
If you live in the Washington DC area, 请 join other 校友 & Friends at a gathering in Arlington, VA on Thursday, 10月ober 12 at the Army Navy 乡村俱乐部. 点击此处注册.
秋季聚会- 10.14.23
注册 now 和 join your classmates for an evening back on campus Saturday, 10月ober 14th. Classes of 1973 (50th), 1978 (45th), 1983 (40th), 1988 (35th) 和 1998 (25th).
4pm: 学校旅游
5pm: 团聚的质量 & 奖
6pm: 接待 & 聚会庆祝
Women’s Society Holiday Shopping Event - 11.11.23
This can’t miss annual event features over 40 vendors, 大多数女性, 从下午两点开始在徒利大厅.m. 至下午6时.m. They will be selling clothing, art, jewelry, stationary 和 more! Whether you are shopping for Christmas presents or picking up new items for yourself, 这是下午的乐趣.
10月. 14-15, 2023 Chicago Architecture Center with 圣家教堂 和 Saint Ignatius will welcome hundreds of guests as they step inside Chicago's 2nd oldest Catholic church 和 our be爱d school for self-guided tours. We are in need of volunteers to greet 和 assist our visitors. Please consider helping at the very special occasion! 点击这里 更多的 information on the church 和 to sign up.

点击这里 for information about 圣依纳爵学院预科. 点击这里 to volunteer at Saint Ignatius.
All are invited to join the 圣依纳爵学院预科 community at any of our Masses.
Friday, 10月6日 at 8:10AM - First Friday
Wednesday, November 1 at 8:10AM - All Saint's Mass
Friday, November 3 at 8:10AM - First Friday
Parking is available on May Street just west of the Church.
Click link below to register for Masses. If you have questions or would like more information, 请联系发展总监, 温迪·麦卡锡, at wendymccarthy@holy家庭chicag o.org 或312-492-8442分机. 3.
商业社会欢乐时光- 09.01.23
在周五, 9月1日, over 50 商业社会 Members 和 Friends enjoyed a beautiful evening inside 和 out at the Fornelli ’51 Lounge 和 Class of ’67 Skydeck. New 和 old 朋友hips talked about business, 家庭 和 all things Saint Ignatius. Everyone then walked over to Fornelli ’51 Field to watch our Boys Varsity Football team play Fenwick.
家长组织后院烧烤- 9.8.23
谢谢你! to the over 500 parents who came to Tully Hall for the annual Backyard BBQ last month! Guests enjoyed a delicious dinner from Smoke Daddy BBQ before heading out to watch the varsity football game. 大家都玩得很开心. Special thanks go to the 父组织 for organizing another wonderful evening for parents.
总统招待会- 9.14.23
谢谢你! to everyone who attended this year's reception. This event was one of the ways our school says thank you to the very generous benefactors who have donated between $2,500美元和4美元,999 to Saint Ignatius during the previous fiscal year. 谢谢你!!
妇女协会开放日- 9.13.23
谢谢你! to all the women from all our 圣依纳爵学院预科 community that came to campus for this annual event! It was a great opportunity for alumnae, new Wolfpack moms to make new 朋友 和 meet many other amazing women. We look forward to another amazing year of programming from the 女性的社会.
The 圣伊格纳西奥协会 Board want to express a heartfelt thank you for supporting 和 joining everyone at the annual Family Fiesta on Sunday, 9月10日. Over 175 attended for their biggest turnout yet! 校友, 家庭, 朋友, 当前的学生, faculty 和 staff came together as a community to get to know each other 和 find common connections.
37th 年度高尔夫精英赛 for 学费援助 - 9.28.23
谢谢所有的家长, 监护人, alumni 和 朋友 that supported the 圣依纳爵学院预科 37th 年度高尔夫精英赛 for tuition assistance. We had a record turnout of 480 golfers on all four courses at Cog Hill Golf & 乡村俱乐部. Everyone enjoyed the beautiful day golfing, 朋友hips 和 camaraderie. Mark your calendars for next year's event on Thursday, September 26, 2024.
Save the Date - Wednesday November 15, 2023
The Annual 商业社会 Luncheon will be held at The Union League Club from 11am - 1pm. The 2023 Awardees are the late Laurence Msall '80, 校友 Award for Excellence in the Field of Business 和 Julie Scott, Award for Excellence in the Field of Business 和 Burke Beverage, Presidential Award for Distinguished Neighborhood Business Partner.
John Domanskis '04 和 Aditi Ruhi on the birth of their son, Jonas Domanskis.

Faculty member, Patrick Lambert, 和 his wife, Elisa, who welcomed newborn daughter, Caterina Regina.
Luis Martinez '99 和 Kelly Ranftl who were married September 2nd at 圣家教堂 with the reception in Tully Hall.
约翰米. 杰克·伯格1952年

约翰·安东尼·科斯特洛49年 詹姆斯·J的兄弟. 科斯特洛1952年和爱德华. 科斯特洛的55
查尔斯·查克·T. 工厂65年, 迈克尔·D的兄弟. 工厂63年
Albinas "Albin" Gencius, 1961年
鲁道夫(鲁迪)威廉·克罗普48年 奥托·C的兄弟. Krolopp的46
罗杰·J. 拉蒙特63
Kevin P. O ' malley 50
托马斯·G. Passarelli 64
约瑟夫·L. Prikazsky 71年, brother of Cyril Prikazsky '70 和 the late Wenceslaus Prikazsky '75
牧师. 约翰·裘德·斯特鲁斯卡73年
校友家庭 & 学校之友
小托马斯·约瑟夫·布德尔., 大卫·J的父亲. Boodell 89和Peter T. Boodell 89
马克西米利亚诺·卡莫纳一世, 马克西米利亚诺·卡莫纳二世的父亲,1982年
琼米. 多布斯, mother of Shonagh Dobbs Preston '83, Kelly Dobbs Mickus '84 和 Tracy A. 85岁的多布斯,詹姆斯·P. 穆尼的53
克里斯托弗•工厂 查尔斯的儿子. 工厂65年
珍妮Emard, mother of Saint Ignatius faculty member, Diane Haleas
约瑟夫·克. Ong 约瑟夫·K的岳父. Mark ’86 和 gr和father of Joseph ‘Tyler’ Mark ’26 和 Mia Mark ’27
邓肯H.G. 米切尔, father of Cameron Mitchell '12, Tristan D. 米切尔14岁和劳伦M. 米切尔的18
安东尼奥·玛丽亚·诺达斯, 苏菲M的父亲. Nodarse的27
琼米. 多布斯, mother of Shonagh Dobbs Preston ’83, Kelly Dobbs Mickus ’84 和 Tracy A. 85岁的多布斯,詹姆斯·P. 穆尼的53
玛格丽特·佩吉·戴维斯, mother-in-law of Matthew Walsh IV, 和 gr和mother of Kathleen M. 沃尔什21岁,马修. 沃尔什V '23和欧文M. 沃尔什的25
We are incredibly proud of this year’s National Merit Semifinalists! These students scored in the top 1% of PSAT test-takers back in 10月ober 2022. The group can be seen here with 圣依纳爵学院预科 President John Ch和ler 和 Prefect of Studies Sterling Brown. # AMDG
National Merit Scholarship Corporation
CJA正在招聘一名 中学数学老师 & 小学的老师.
就业机会: Christ the King Jesuit College Prep
他们在找助理. Dir. 发展. 点击这里 更多的.
If you know of any alumni news or if you would like to nominate someone who is a "woman or man for others" for our 校友 Spotlight, “狼穴之外”, 请 电子游戏平台大全.
圣依纳爵学院预科, a Jesuit Catholic school in the heart of Chicago, is a diverse community dedicated to educating young men 和 women for lives of faith, 爱, 服务与领导. Through outst和ing teaching 和 personal formation, the school challenges its talented student body to intellectual excellence, 完整性, 以及终身学习和成长. Inspired by the gospel of Jesus Christ, this community strives to use God's gifts to promote social justice for the greater glory of God.
1076 W. 伊利诺斯州芝加哥罗斯福路60608号


There are ways to show your support for the students of 圣依纳爵学院预科 -- To help them make the kinds of memories you made!


圣依纳爵学院预科, a Jesuit Catholic school in the heart of Chicago, is a diverse community dedicated to educating young men 和 women for lives of faith, 爱, 服务与领导.